Whiskey – Day Fifty Nine

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Out on to the streets of Dublin we went again today. We walked along O’Connell Street, across the river and up the street until we reached Trinity College. We entered the grounds and marvelled at the 18th century buildings that surrounded the cobbled paths. Although the university opened during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the current buildings are not original but still spectacular. The university is famous for being the home of the Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript in Latin with gospels from the bible. We did not go and see the book, just looked around the grounds.

After our visit here we walked to the bus stop and got the hop on, hop off bus once again. We had the 48 hour pass so we could easily get around. Again we passed some attractions again but again new with a new driver, and the bus went further into the park than yesterday so we saw a bit more which was nice. The bus made its way around and we got off at the stop for the Jameson Distillery Bow Street. This was the original distillery for Jameson Whiskey for many years and although it is now distilled in County Cork the Bow Street facility is a wonderful tour showing how the whisky is made and a tasting experience. On the tour, which was updated in 2017 for those who might have been before, we went in to a room and our guide, Darren, told us about the Jameson story. It was really good. He told the story while on a screen on the table in front the imagery showed aspects of the story. We then move to a room about how the whiskey is made. Not only are we told but there are things to feel, smell and touch. Next is the tasting. You not only taste Jameson whiskey (three times distilled) but examples of American (once distilled) and Scotch (twice distilled) to show differences. Finally, after the tour finished you can have a neat or with dry drink in the bar. It was all very nice. As we were having our drink we got talking to some ladies, one from Ireland and one from the USA. They had made friends online years ago in chat rooms and now are good friends and travel when they can. They were going to Croatia with another friend from Belgium. Such a great story of friendship. It was so nice chatting to them.

The rest of the day was spent going around, getting some lunch and then a wander through Temple Bar before heading back to our hotel.


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